Each prepared smoker you meet will have a bunch of most loved strains, regardless of whether it’s the exemplary OG Kush for a euphoric high or Blue Dream for its sweet berry season. Be that as it may, one thing everybody is by all accounts ready to concur on is how horrendous Reggie Weed is.

Viewed as the odd one out of the family, this strain won’t keep you returning for all the more yet how could it land such awful notoriety? How about we examine its attributes contrasted with a run of the mill top-rack strain.

Reggie weed is a second rate C strain – albeit some think of it as a B+ – more often than not with a sativa-prevailing legacy. It’s generally viewed as a fledgling’s strain as its belongings are mellow, with THC levels around 15% to 18%.

How Well Does Reggie Weed Grow?

Do you know the expression you get what you ask for? Never has it been more genuine. Next to no friendship goes into the development of this strain.

Reggie weed regularly becomes outside, and keeping in mind that this isn’t an awful thing; it can make growing much increasingly troublesome. When developing inside you can manage dampness levels, daylight and temperature to make an excellent variety.

Regularly, cultivators will give little thoughtfulness regarding building up the plant and essentially disregard it until it creates a better than average measure of leaves, which is frequently very few.

Another issue with this strain is that the female assortment is prepared, which implies it regularly creates a more significant number of seeds than leaves. It at that point utilizes its great vitality on the seeds rather than the leaves, which lessens the nature of the strain.

What Does Reggie Weed Look Like?

Presently appearance isn’t everything except for in the strain world it tends to be an incredible sign of the weed quality. Many portray it as having an irregular dull, dim green or darker shading. Frequently, it’s spotted with numerous seeds however needs a significant part of the engaging crystallization you want to see.

Typically, with top-notch strains like Candy Kush, there will be a mass of trichomes. These are the appealing precious stones or ice that structure on the buds.

These trichomes are additionally the wellspring of all the cannabinoids like best CBD capsules and terpenes in your weed, so with minimal unmistakable, you can anticipate an extremely smooth high. Top notch strains ought to have a significant engaging splendid green shading, except if they have been hereditarily altered.

What Does Reggie Weed Smell Like?

The smell can be a tremendous factor while figuring out what strain is directly for you, and a few people favor hard-hitting scents like Platinum Bubba Kush.

This strain has a floral and fiery fragrance, which numerous individuals love. Not all fantastic strains will have a great smell yet usually on the off chance that they need in perfume, they compensate for in either taste or impact.

Lamentably, this can’t be said for Reggie weed, and it’s not what draws in potential purchasers. The strain is regularly portrayed as having a gentle skunky or dry feed smell. While it’s not awful, nothing is charming about it either.

What Texture Does Reggie Weed Have?

Fortunately, one thing we can rely upon is its flawlessly sticky surface… Not. Reggie is extremely dry and dusty to deal with and feels a great deal like grass clippings. The leaves will frequently chip from the piece, leaving an extraordinarily breezy and frustrating heap of weed. Great strains will, once more, all have somewhat extraordinary surface.

A strain which has a similar surface to Reggie is Fat Banana, yet not at all like Reggie’s limp appearance, and Fat Banana has a lovely, feathery form, according to allpurcbd.com

Strains on the opposed side of the range resemble Candy Kush. Treat Kush holds more dampness than a lot of different strains. It has a sticky surface that will regularly leave the pitch on your fingers. Contrasted with Reggie, it is likewise extremely thick, which is most evident when you endeavor to press in the middle of your fingers.

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